The San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders Work Report!

San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders
San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders

Greetings, everyone! Normally the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders would post trail work efforts on the Crystal Lake web site, complete with extensive photographs and detained descriptions of what what had been completed recently, but an even better way to do that is what we’re doing now, creating a blog that will document and describe the work that the volunteer group does, but with much fewer photographs.

The actual format of the blog will change as time goes by.

If you’re interested in getting informed about the work that gets done and get informed about articles that get posted here, check out the RSS link offered on the pages here, and if you have an RSS client you can get notices every time something new gets posted.

Today’s Work on the Windy Gap Kiosk Foundations
Beginning Work on the Windy Gap Trailhead's New Kiosk Going in at the Crystal Lake Recreation Area Sometime This Year
Beginning Work on the Windy Gap Trailhead’s New Kiosk Going in at the Crystal Lake Recreation Area Sometime This Year

Today’s volunteer efforts were broken up in to three teams, the primary trail-working team gathered equipment and tools for tread work and headed up Big Cienega Trail to work on clearing brush and repairing tread on Islip Trail, and addressing whatever issues they found along the way.

Hopefully we will get some photographs from that effort to share on the Trailbuilders blog eventually.

The second team worked at the Rincon Fire Station starting on the foundation for the kiosk that will be installed at the Windy Gap Trail trailhead within the Crystal Lake Recreation Area at the place normally called the “second large parking lot.”

The new kiosk will be an information center containing detailed information about the trails in the area, including Big Cienega, Windy Gap, Islip, Wawona, and possibly information about the defunct (but still usable) South Mount Hawkins Road. The information kiosk may also contain information about bear activity, fire bans, and possibly hold hand-outs for hikers, campers, bike riders, and everyone else to take providing information on how they may volunteer to work on repairing hiking trails! (At least I hope that they do!)

Larga vida a la revolución en el baño
Larga vida a la revolución en el baño

The third team worked on painting over spray paint vandalism of toilets at the Valley of the Moon parking lot, Coldbrook Campground, and the Crystal Lake Recreation Area. Normally the United States Forest Service does a wonderful job addressing spray paint vandalism, and they would have gotten to it either today or some time in the coming week but we had white paint and willing volunteers so this effort was done as well.

One of the toilets had graffiti that I agreed with so much that I almost left it there, Viva La Revolucion, but alas it got painted over because public toilets are no place to hold revolutions.

The Windy Gap Trailhead Information Kiosk

The work that will be needed to get the new information kiosk installed is going to be extensive, and it will hopefully be completed some time this year. The California Conservation Corps will be asked to excavate the site, removing a cubic yard of material so that the concrete foundation may be installed on to which the kiosk will be mounted.

The kiosk itself will be a heavy metal affair with a weather canopy above it with wooden shingles so that it will look “woodsy” and rugged. The kiosk will be staged-up and made ready at the Rincon Fire Station and when it’s ready to be installed will get hauled up the mountain another 14 miles.

Feel like joining us?

The Trailbuilders are always looking for volunteers to assist in the repairs of hiking trails in and around the Crystal Lake Recreation Area and occasionally along the East Fork and West Fork of the San Gabriel River. We also do work within Icehouse Canyon Trail and various other places.

If you would like to work on trails, send us an email at or and we will add you to our mailing list. We work a normal schedule the first, third, and fifth Saturday of every month but we also have special projects that take place pretty much every weekend, so if you would like to join us on special efforts, it’s best to email Fred at the email address offered above.

We meet at the Forest Service Gateway Visitor Center at 1960 San Gabriel Canyon Rd, Azusa, CA 91702, and promptly at 8:00 AM we leave the Visitor Center and we head to the work site.


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